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WorldFish increasingly publishes short films, videos and audio files on our work. We also publish, with permission, related work from our partners. See the latest audio and video files below or visit the WorldFish YouTube channel.

Title Summary Duration
Podcast: Stephen Hall's expectations of GCARD 2012
Dr. Stephen Hall speaks to us from GCARD and his expectations of the conference; partnership, thinking with small-holder famers and gender issues for agricultural development.
Philippines Senator Loren Legarda addresses the senate on Hunger Amidst Plenty
On 6 March 2012, the Philippines Senate have adopted/approved Senate Resolution No. 79 otherwise known as "Resolution Concurring in the Ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM) to establish the Office of the WorldFish in the Philippines".
A Glimpse to the Future
A Glimpse to the Future - Helping the people of Stung Treng Province imagine hydropower relocation. Documenting the study tour of Cambodian group from Stung Treng to Lao project site.
Evolving solutions for new horizons: Reflections on a conversation
Podcast: Stephen reflects on the outcomes of Seaweb's 10th International Seafood Summit, that was held in Hong Kong from September 5-8, 2012.
Transformative Gender Research by Rachel Kyte
Message from Rachel Kyte, Chair of CGIAR Fund Council and World Bank Vice President of Sustainable Development
5min 48sec
Conversation on Gender Research

Stephen Hall and Patrick Dugan sit down to have a candid conversation about the state of gender research, and where they see the future of research for development heading in a gender transformative way. This is in response to the upcoming workshop, 'Building Coalitions, Creating Change', on gender research for agricultural development being held at the WorldFish headquarters in Penang, Malaysia from the 3rd to the 5th of October. For more information, visit the Gender Research Workshop.

6min 57sec
Stephen Hall's Countdown to the Seafood Summit

Dr Stephen Hall, Director General of WorldFish, counts down to the Seafood Summit 2012 in Hong Kong, where he'll be making a plenary speech at the conference.

7min 20sec
Investing in hope: Rusli's Story

The 2004 tsunami that devastated the province of Aceh in Indonesia left in its wake thousands of communities without homes and destroyed the livelihood of farmers who worked the land to produce rice, fish and shrimp. WorldFish, in partnership with the Aceh Society Development (ASD) Cooperative, has helped to put communities back on their feet through providing vital assistance in the development of local small-scale aquaculture enterprises.

3min 47sec
Acidifying oceans and the future of molluscs: implications for food security?
Expiscor. Podcast by Stephen Hall.
Some of the threats posed by climate change can appear rather esoteric or abstract. One of these is ocean acidification - it is not immediately obvious why we should care. A recent paper by Sara Cooley and colleagues give a good example of why the threat of changing ocean chemistry matters.
7min 10sec
More fish - surely we just need to farm the sea?
Expiscor. Podcast by Stephen Hall.

Mariculture certainly holds promise as part of the solution to meeting our need and demand for fish, but it's not the obvious option that many people imagine.

7min 20sec