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Project compiles best practices in coral reef management

Coral reefs are sometimes called the  "Rainforest of the seas" for the astounding array of marine life they harbor. Yet many of the world’s coral reefs are under severe stress, suffering the effects of disease, pollution, overfishing and the growing threat of damage from climate change. For years, those working to manage and protect coral reefs have had a critically important online resource in ReefBase, which was developed by WorldFish and a coalition of partners. Its databases and interactive GIS-based mapping function aid study, monitoring and analysis by providing comprehensive information on 10,000 reef ecosystems in 40 countries.

Now, researchers and resource managers can get helpful tips about proven strategies – or mistakes to avoid – in coral reef management in a new "Lessons Learned and Best Practices Toolkit." It offers access to technical reports, project summaries and other practical information about coral reef management in eight key areas, such as program design, community participation, policy development, monitoring approaches and capacity building. The material is available through a website (at http://gefll.reefbase.org/) or an interactive CD-ROM; a related weblog and e-mail listserv lets individuals who play a role in coral reef management share ideas and experiences. The project was sponsored in part by the Global Environment Facility as part of its efforts to help developing countries conserve  their marine biodiversity and meet the needs of poor people living along the coastline in coral-rich areas.

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