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Regional Partnerships for Action on Fish-Related Issues

WorldFish has played a key role in making fish-production issues a mainstream concern of influential policy-making organizations in Asia and Africa. A driving force behind this achievement is the Center’s high-profile “Fish for All” forum, which raises awareness of looming shortages in global fish supply and mobilizes joint action to solve the problem.

The 2005 "Fish for All" summit in Africa spurred widespread commitment to improving fisheries and increasing aquaculture across the continent. Now, WorldFish is working closely with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, the African Union, and other organizations in eastern and southern Africa to plan fish-related development priorities under the pan-African Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program. This kind of collaboration and coordination is increasingly important amid growing economic investments in fisheries and aquaculture in Africa. WorldFish also provides scientific information to ASEAN on fisheries matters relevant to its member countries in Southeast Asia.

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