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Why gender equity matters in fisheries and aquaculture

Gender Development Sustainability Research Small-scale aquaculture Small-scale fisheries Equity Sustainable aquaculture Value chains and nutrition Resilient small-scale fisheries Gender equity Who says women can’t fish? Stories of successful women farmers ...

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Overcoming gender-related barriers in small-scale fisheries

Fishing is often seen as a man’s domain, meaning in developing countries that women’s contributions often go unseen and women are excluded from decisions on small-scale fisheries governance. Dr Pip Cohen, Program Leader of the Resilient Small-Scale ...

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Chuma and Sifuba’s story: Overcoming economic imbalance

Chuma and Sifuba’s story features in one of the seven real-life video case studies that are part of the Moving Forward Together guide, produced by WorldFish and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. ...

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Helping families overcome gender-based challenges in Zambia

WorldFish and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs partnered together to produce the Moving Forward Together guide, which is now ready for piloting with communities. ...

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Gender equity research at WorldFish

In this short interview, Dr. Blake Ratner, Director General of WorldFish, explains why gender equity research is an important part of the organization’s work to strengthen livelihoods by improving fisheries and aquaculture. ...

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Guide pratique pour la collaboration au service de la résilience

Manual Manuel. Collaborating for Resilience. Traduit en français par Angeline Hadman. Manual Gender & Equity Governance Resilient small-scale fisheries Friday, January 1, 2016 Tuesday, October 18, 2016 Aquatic Agricultural Systems Capacity development ...

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Watershed governance: livelihoods and resource competition in the mountains of mainland Southeast Asia

Environmental Governance Notes Asia Primary Science Publication Primary science publication Gender & Equity Saturday, January 1, 2000 Tuesday, November 22, 2011 Equity Governance Livelihoods Asia Ratner, B.D. Download 2 956 This paper examines the ...

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Should states and international organizations adopt a human rights approach to fisheries policy?

Primary Science Publication Maritime Studies 10(2): 95-116 Primary science publication Climate Change Gender & Equity Governance Resilient small-scale fisheries Saturday, January 1, 2011 Thursday, December 15, 2011 Accountability Equity Fisheries ...

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Implications for equity and management

p. 130-143. In: Smith, I.R.; Mines, A.N. (eds.) Small-scale fisheries of San Miguel Bay, Philippines: economics of production and marketing. ICLARM technical reports 8, 143 p. Philippines Asia Philippines, Luzon I., San Miguel Bay Primary Science ...

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