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Saving mangroves in Solomon Islands

Mangroves are important ecosystems that provide food, firewood, building materials, and shoreline protection for coastal communities. They are also vital nursery grounds for fisheries, which support the livelihoods of 85% of people in the Solomon Islands. ...

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Report shows commercial aquaculture can benefit poor

A new report from WorldFish shows that resource-poor Bangladeshis can participate in commercial aquaculture, challenging conventional assumptions that this was not possible. The report also highlights that more of the very poor in Bangladesh are profiting ...

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Giving women a voice in Ghana’s coastal resource management

For centuries the vibrant coastal communities of Ghana’s Western Region have relied on wild caught fish from the once fertile waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Today, fish remains a staple food for even the poorest in these communities and is critical to ...

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Bangladesh Strengthens Its Commitment to Sustainable Aquaculture in the Face of Climate Change

In Bangladesh, where food shortages and malnutrition continue to plague millions, an aquaculture project is helping to raise family income and assist the rural poor to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Bangladesh, the world’s third poorest country, ...

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Farming Waters, Changing Lives

Climate change, sea level rise, increased salinity; these are some of the challenges to development in Bangladesh. The CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems is working in Bangladesh to help small-scale fish farmers improve their lives ...

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Valuation of tropical river resources to promote management and governance

Tropical rivers provide food and a means of livelihood for millions of the world’s poor, but there is a lack of information on how to place a monetary and economic value on this resource. This information gap means that the need to protect river ...

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Promoting small-scale aquaculture for food security and nutrition in Africa and Asia

Bina Roy lives in rural Bangladesh. She is a wife, mother, a farmer and a fisher. Bina is also secretary to the committee that oversees fishing practices in her village. In 2002, she and her neighbors began implementing several new aquaculture practices ...

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