Ashutosh Dharmendra Deo

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Academic Institution

Ashutosh Dharmendra Deo is a fisheries and aquaculture researcher who authored research pieces on biotoxins in local catfish. Deo received an MSc in Inland fisheries administration and management in 1995 at the Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) in Mumbai, completing a thesis entitled Biotoxins from Fresh Water Catfish Heteropnuestes Fossilis (1995). Deo received a PhD from CIFE in 2000, coauthoring a thesis entitled Ichthyocrinotoxicity of Marine Catfishes of Mumbai Coast (2000). Deo’s Master’s thesis was included in the 2012 publication Physio Biochemical Effects of Paraquat on the Common Indian Catfish-Heteropneustes Fossilis (Rajkumar 2012).