Engaging the private sector to address conflict in natural resource management

International investments in agroindustry present a growing source of tension for local populations who rely on land, forests, water and fisheries for their livelihoods, particularly where local tenure security is put at risk. For governments, civil society organizations and the communities directly affected, engaging the private sector early is critical in order to avoid an escalation of conflict and to build collaboration that can yield dividends for all. Yet care must be taken to address power differences among actors and to avoid manipulation by individuals or interest groups. This brief outlines how a structured multistakeholder dialogue approach can help communities gain a voice in resource management planning, access their legal rights, and identify innovations that support local livelihoods.


Burnley, C., Comardicea, I., Dahmen, A., Ratner, B.D. (2014)
Policy Brief. Collaborating for Resilience