The dual-objective project, funded and conducted in collaboration with FAO, first focuses on reviewing current approaches and outcomes that have been facilitated through co-management governance strategies in Asia. Substantial investments have been made in co-management of small-scale fisheries (SSFs), and in the first activity we will review co-management in the region using peer reviewed and grey literature. The project’s major activity is to examine how co-management has been undertaken and what has been achieved in particular cases (we will apply a case study approach) in a way that can strengthen future investments in co-management. Secondly, this project responds to a request from the Asia-Pacific Fisheries Commission asking for information to support decision-making and strategic planning in the use, development and governance of information communication technologies (ICTs) in SSFs in the region. We will make a preliminary assessment of the ways ICTs have been used, including outcomes and potential unintended consequences. Then through events, we will facilitate sharing of experiences with ICTs for SSFs in the region and beyond. These two reviews will produce valuable information products to fisheries decision-makers working in Asia.

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