WorldFish 2020: A year in Review


Inclusive business models: making aquaculture value chains work for the poor

February 2020

Lab-in-a-backpack: Rapid Genomic Detection to revolutionize control of disease outbreaks in fish farming

March 2020

Youth in fisheries, aquaculture and value chains: A study and foundation for building back better

May 2020

Can Egypt’s fish markets empower women and men retailers equally? Prospects for change and barriers to success

May 2020

A food system integration story: Fish with roots, tubers and bananas

August 2020

New forms of aquatic foods: Exploring plant-based and cell-based seafood

August 2020

Diving into diverse human-ocean relationships bares the base of a fair blue economy

September 2020

Rice-fish Systems – Back to the Future

November 2020


Facilitating Inclusive Community-Based Management of Coastal Fisheries

People who rely on a natural resource should be central to decisions about how that resource is used and managed. This principle is at the core of community-based resource management (CBRM).

A climate-resilient and inclusive aquatic foods system

Marine and freshwater resources provide millions of impoverished people across the world with livelihoods and provide a range of critical ecosystem services. One billion people worldwide rely on fish as their main or only source of animal protein.

A New Concept for Rapid Genomic Detection of Fish Disease

In 2019, a WorldFish team, led by Dr. Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville, received a CGIAR Inspire Challenge award worth USD $100,000 to test a new concept for rapid detection and diagnosis of fish disease.

Geospatial Tools for integrated food production in Myanmar

This video provides an overview of the geospatial tools WorldFish researchers are using in fish-rice farming systems in Myanmar.

Digital Dynamism: Driving aquatic foods research with data and digital technologies

Watch this glimpse video on how WorldFish has been driving aquatic foods research with data and digital technologies. Jacqueline Muliro, Research Knowledge and Data Manager, WorldFish goes through some of the initiatives that have been instrumental in overcoming the COVID-19 disruption and how WorldFish has embraced digital transformation to advance the aquatic foods research agenda.

Climate Risk Reduction in Aquaculture

Similarly to crops, fish grow better in the right weather conditions. On the contrary, adverse weather events hamper the growth of fish, hence bringing forth risks for fish farmers. However, for many farmers, are unbeknowst to this "risk" brought about by unfavourable weather conditions.

Following the fish inland: understanding fish distribution networks for development and nutrition

In developing countries, small-scale fisheries are both a pivotal source of livelihood and essential for the nutritional intake of larger food insecure populations. Distribution networks that move fish from landing sites to coastal and inland consumers offer entry points to address livelihood enhancement and food security objectives of rural development initiatives.


Addressing COVID-19 impacts on fish and aquatic food systems

April 2020

Harnessing aquatic foods research is vital to COVID-19 recovery, sustainable food systems transformation, say agriculture for development experts

August 2020

The importance of sex-disaggregated data and the need to be gender responsive in response to COVID-19’s impact on the fisheries and aquaculture sector

September 2020

Fish Talk: COVID-19 Impacts on Fish and Aquatic Food Systems

April 2020

Multimedia Stories

Water security through self-reliance

Securing a sustainable source of clean and affordable drinking water in rural Cambodia
February 2020

Generation equality: realizing women’s rights

International Women’s Day 2020
March 2020

NUTRIX – The big reach of small fish in nourishing cambodia

April 2020

Beyond words

Participatory research method helps share the lived experience of small-scale fishers in the Solomon Islands
June 2020

Lived experiences

Small-scale fishers and fishworkers share their stories
November 2020