Quality is given a high priority in all aspects of WorldFish research activities, this is why in 2018 we welcome the appointment of a dedicated M&E leader, Cristiano Rossignoli, to guide the development and implementation of a rigorous M&E strategy across the research program. Over the past year, we have been working on improving and streamlining the M&E and knowledge sharing components in WorldFish.

This has included the way on how we manage and store our research deliverables – such as publications and data. The adoption of MEL platform is offering us the opportunity to approach knowledge sharing in a systematic way. The MEL platform helps programs and projects to plan, manage, monitor, evaluate, report and share their activities and results. This enables us to have everything completed in an organized space saving time, resources and reducing the risk of errors.

MEL is an all-in-one modular structure for planning, management, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. Integrated features cover budgets planning, risks’ assessment, impact pathways, knowledge sharing and more. The flexibility of the platform allows the implementers to re-shape it to meet specific needs, such as customizing impact pathways and results from frameworks used by CGIAR and donors. The platform comes with MELSpace, an integrated Open Access repository that boosts the project's outreach, and the Knowledge Share tool-set, which includes project dedicated web-pages, and a communication-friendly module to write and disseminate project-related blogs!

Numerous training webinars have already been conducted, and support is always available on the platform, with an internal discussion forum, technical assistance chat, User Guide and the webinar videos on MEL Channel .

The overall structure can be easily viewed navigating a side tree, which is publicly accessible in the platform Index, while updated and clear information on projects, activities, and budgets managed through the platform is provided in the Open Facts section.

Join MEL, get in touch!  We look forward to your contribution!