Our leadership team is a diverse, global group of leaders who bring decades of experience in scientific research, international development, communications, and organizational development.
Research Lead, Timor Leste
Research Lead, Vietnam
Research Lead, India
Program Leader, Sustainable Aquaculture, Research Lead, Kenya

Executive Team

Director General
Executive Director, Strategy, Innovation and Communication
Executive Director, Business Development and Partnerships
Interim Director, Science and Research
Executive Director, Corporate Services
Director, Aquaculture and Fisheries Science for CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH)

Country Directors

Regional Director, South East Asia and Pacific (SEAP)
Country Director, Solomon Islands
Regional Director, South Asia
Country Director, Zambia and Southern Africa

Board of Trustees

Chair, Governance Committee (Senegal)
Board Chair (Nigeria)
Ex-officio Board Member (Malaysia)
Ex-officio Board Member (Egypt)
Chair, Audit & Risk Committee (United States)
Ex-officio Board Member (Malaysia)
(United Kingdom)
(United States)