Over the past 45 years, WorldFish has been building strong and long-lasting partnerships. We have partnered with national governments, local communities, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses in countries with high dependence on fish and other aquatic foods for food security and nutrition, as well as jobs, livelihoods and economic growth.

Our global footprint represents more than 20 countries of research interest across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. In many of these countries, we have a physical presence and our research teams are placed to work alongside national agricultural research institutions or relevant government ministries. Together, we support and strengthen local capacities and skills for scientific research and data, as well as research-to-policy program development, management and implementation.

Our partnerships span all levels of governance, from global level decision-making to national, subnational and household levels. They include international institutions, global conventions and regional bodies, policymakers, scientists at One CGIAR, partner research and academic organizations, national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES), business leaders and entrepreneurs, local and regional planners, community and civil society organizations, and fisher and fish farmer households.

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