WorldFish Director General Essam Yassin Mohammed Talks Blue Economy on the Victorian Hour, ABC Radio Australia

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WorldFish Director-General, Essam Yassin Mohammed, recently appeared on the Victorian Hour, ABC Radio Australia, sharing insights on how the Blue Economy must benefit fishing communities in the Global South.

In the radio interview, he spoke about how it is imperative that blue economy initiatives benefit fishing communities in developing and small island nations, which are facing disproportionate impacts of climate change

During the discussion, he pointed out that shifting ocean currents and warming waters are having a significant impact on fish stocks and coastal infrastructure, inundating lands and altering marine ecosystems, which is affecting the productivity of some fish species and forcing them to migrate to more optimal environments..

He emphasized that while large-scale commercial fishing vessels can still pursue and catch these fish, it is technically and financially prohibitive for small-scale operators with small boats to do so. This is where climate change becomes a social justice issue, impacting coastal communities’ access to food and causing loss of livelihoods and cultural identity.

Listen to the full podcast HERE