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Applying a gender lens on the impacts of climate change on fisher communities in Kenya’s Lake Victoria Zone Region

Posted by Aniss Khalida Mohd Khalid , Rahma Adam - 6 minutes read
February 21, 2024

Dr. Ismahane Elouafi Dives into WorldFish and the Crucial Role of Aquatic Food Systems

Posted by David, Wardell - 2 minutes read
February 09, 2024


Good News from Bihar, India: Women’s Economic Empowerment through Aquaculture

Posted by Neha Bhakar, Sheetal Prasad, Poulomi Ghosh, Rahma Adam and Cathy Rozel Farnworth. - 5 minutes read
February 09, 2024


2024: A Turning Point for Transforming Aquatic Food Systems

Posted by Essam Yassin Mohammed - 4 minutes read
January 29, 2024

Boosting Local Fish Supply Chain in Luwingu, Zambia

Posted by Netsayi Mudege, Keagan Kakwasha , Henry Kanyembo - 4 minutes read
January 24, 2024

Food supply chains

WorldFish Addresses Aquatic Foods Financing at AFRAQ23 Highlights

Posted by Agness Chileya - 5 minutes read
November 18, 2023


Genetic Improvement Program set to Boost Indigenous Fish Growth Traits

Posted by Basiita Rose Komugisha , Agness Chileya - 4 minutes read
January 18, 2024

Aquaculture economics

Prospects for an Agroecological Shift through Rice-Fish Farming in Sanamxay, Laos

Posted by Ayan Samaddar - 3 minutes read
January 17, 2024

Aquaculture, Small scale aquaculture, Rice fields, Food

Small fish: A small solution to big problems

Posted by WorldFish - 4 minutes read
January 04, 2024

Nutrition security

Innovative Financial Model for Scaling Impactful Research Innovations

Posted by Sumaya Tabassum , Murshed-E-Jahan Khondker - 5 minutes read
December 22, 2023

Could Integrated Aquaculture-Agriculture be the Future of Farming? 

Posted by David, Wardell - 4 minutes read
December 21, 2023

Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture

A Day with a Small-Scale Fishing Community at Kanamai Beach, Kenya

Posted by Jerome Bossuet - 3 minutes read
December 18, 2023

A Start for People-Centred Digital Transformation of Small-Scale Fisheries in Kenya  

Posted by Jerome Bossuet - 6 minutes read
December 18, 2023

WorldFish Welcomes New Directors

Posted by WorldFish - 2 minutes read
December 14, 2023

Embracing Resilience: Transforming Communities through Climate-Smart Innovations

Posted by Menna Mosbah - 3 minutes read
December 13, 2023

Resilient Communities and Aquatic Food Solutions Take the Stage at COP28

Posted by David, Wardell - 4 minutes read
December 11, 2023

Climate Action

Embracing Rice-Fish farming in Mali

Posted by David, Wardell - 4 minutes read
November 27, 2023

Accelerating Aquaculture to Combat Africa's Fish Deficit

Posted by Essam Yassin Mohammed - 5 minutes read
November 20, 2023

Aquatic Foods and their Environmental Impact: How do they really size up?

Posted by David, Wardell - 3 minutes read
November 17, 2023

aquatic foods

How South-South knowledge exchange can connect the dots for an inclusive blue food revolution

Posted by Alina Paul - 5 minutes read
November 07, 2023