WorldFish Director General Essam Yassin Mohammed Talks Sustainable Fisheries on 'Europe Listens' Podcast

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Europe Listens Podcast



WorldFish Director-General, Essam Yassin Mohammed, recently appeared on the 'Europe Listens' podcast, sharing insights on sustainable fisheries and ocean governance.

On the podcast, he spoke about the urgent need to address the governance gap in high seas management and highlighted the challenges that arise from unregulated activities, such as overfishing and environmental degradation, and how these activities can undermine food and nutrition security.

During the discussion, he pointed out the complexities of managing the high seas and stressed the importance of the High Seas Treaty in combating unregulated fishing practices. He explained that two-thirds of the ocean surface and 95% of its volume are beyond national jurisdictions, making them vulnerable to exploitation.

He emphasized the critical role of sustainable fishing for the economic and social well-being of coastal communities.

Touching on the role of European countries in the treaty negotiations and their responsibility in the global fish market. He suggested that while Europe has taken steps to prevent illegal fishing, they must also tackle the issue of subsidies that enable unsustainable practices.

Listen to the podcast HERE