While aquatic foods offer viable and sustainable nutrition solutions, coastal communities and habitats that provide such foods face a major threat from climate change, aggravated by a lack of access to technology and an enabling policy environment. With predominantly marginal livelihoods and little knowledge of how to adapt to climate change, the coastal communities in the global South face a dangerously precarious future. Further, the assault on coastal ecosystems is contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions, which is compromising the ability of various stakeholders to meet the climate adaptation and mitigation goals of countries.

In response to these challenges, Asia-Africa BlueTech Superhighway, a program under the UK’s Climate and Ocean Adaptation and Sustainable Transition (COAST) program of the Blue Planet Fund, led by WorldFish, is implementing a two-continent program to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of stakeholders working across aquatic food systems in Africa and Asia. The initiative aims to unlock the potential of sustainable aquatic food systems for people, planet, and shared prosperity by leveraging South-South collaboration to adapt and scale evidence-based models for delivering impact and will contribute directly to COAST’s priority outcomes and impact. 

Title: Inception Workshop: Asia-Africa BlueTech Superhighway

Date: Monday-Thursday, 9-12 October 2023

Time: 09:30-16:30 (GMT+8/Malaysia time)

Location and format: Auditorium, WorldFish HQ, and virtually via Microsoft Teams

Stay tuned for more information on the country-specific inception workshops


About the Asia-Africa BlueTech Superhighway’ inception workshop:

This inception workshop will be held to mark the commencement of this significant endeavour, where we will outline the project’s objectives, methodologies, strategies, and anticipated outcomes. It will feature insights from Project Leads and experts, interactive panel discussions, and engaging breakout sessions designed to encourage active participation, knowledge sharing, and exchange of ideas. The workshop will unravel the four synergistic work packages that assess, adapt, and scale evidence-based methods across different contexts in Africa and Asia.

  1. Bridging data gaps in the small-scale aquatic food system
  2. Integrated seawater farming for Africa
  3. Tackling aquatic food loss and waste
  4. Incentive-based coastal fisheries management


For more information, visit the links below:

Event page: https://worldfishcenter.org/events/inception-workshop-meeting-asia-africa-bluetech-superhighway

Project page: https://worldfishcenter.org/project/asia-africa-bluetech-superhighway


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We look forward to your active participation.

Asia-Africa Blue Tech Superhighway