15 Feb 2021 to 16 Feb 2021

An event to map the social economy of dried fish in South and Southeast Asia for enhanced nutrition and wellbeing. 

Date: Monday-Tuesday, 15-16 February 2021

Time: 16:30 (UTC+8)

In line with 2025 global nutrition targets, the Global Nutrition Report 2020 made a global call to accelerate efforts in improving food security and nutrition and strengthened the resilience of food systems value chains in low-and middle- income countries. 

Aquatic foods are noted as one of the most affordable nutrient-dense foods when sourced sustainably in most countries. Small fish in particular, are numerous in oceans and freshwater environments, and often make up the less expensive varieties of products in aquatic food marketplaces. When purchased in small quantities and consumed whole, small fish offer a more accessible and affordable source of proteins that are rich in micronutrients to the poor and undernourished populations.

Hosted by FAO and Dried Fish Matters, this event gathered research experts from a combination of four ongoing projects in Africa and Asia, including Research Program Leader for Value Chains and Nutrition and, Shakuntala Thilsted, and Senior Scientist, Value Chain and Nutrition, Benjamin Belton, to discuss the role of a food systems approach to small and low-cost fish in achieving a sustainable and resilient food, income and nutrition security in South and Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.  

To learn more about the outcomes and key takeaways from the virtual discussion, check out the official event page and follow Dried Fish Matters and the hashtags #AquaticFoods and #DriedFishMatters to check out past conversations on Twitter.

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