A virtual forum for attendees to ask questions on topics for game-changing and systemic solutions to achieve the Action Track 4 (AT4): Advance Equitable Livelihoods goals to the to the AT4 leadership team.

Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Time: 21:00-23:00 (UTC+8)

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The ambition of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit is to launch a collective journey of transforming our food systems to give us the best possible chance of delivering on the 2030 Agenda. Everyone has a role to play in this. Only by coming together and challenging one another we can spark new ideas and create meaningful impact. 

Action Track 4 (AT4) is concentrating on the livelihoods at the various points within food systems - from the small-scale farmer to the retailer - and how we advance equity throughout. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed fundamental flaws in food systems, leaving millions of people without access to adequate nutritious foods and without reliable sources of income to provide for themselves and their families. 

This reality is no truer than for women who represent 43 per cent of the farming workforce in developing countries. Women are a key—yet often invisible—actor in food systems. True transformation means women must have a seat at the table as the leaders, innovators, farmers, caretakers, and saleswomen that they are . And as the rights holders they are. 

Join the Action Track 4 (AT4): Advance Equitable Livelihoods leadership members, including our Research Program Leader for Value Chains and Nutrition and Vice-Chair of the ATF Leadership team, Shakuntala Thilsted, who will be reflecting on the following three questions:

  1. Do we have our topical focus in AT4 right? 
  2. What does success look like? 
  3. What is the best way of engaging with you as AT4 moves forward? 

Action Track 4 (AT4): Advance Equitable Livelihoods leadership members:

  • Michelle Nunn, President and CEO, CARE (AT4 Chair)
  • Shakuntala Thilsted, Research Program Leader for Value Chains and Nutrition, WordFish (AT4 Vice-Chair)
  • Mai Thin Yu Mon, Program Director, Indigenous Peoples Development Program of Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) (AT4 Vice-Chair) 
  • Marie Haga, Associate Vice-President, of the External Relations and Governance Department, IFAD (AT4 UN Anchor)
  • Jikun Huang (China) Professor, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences and Director of China Center for Agricultural Policy (CCAP), Peking University.

Moderated by: 

  • Rediet Abebe, Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows and Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley

Share with us ideas for game-changing and systemic solutions to achieve the AT4 goals via this online form. Please be aware that this form will be open until the end of January 2021.