WorldFish is an international, nonprofit research and innovation institution that creates, advances and translates aquatic food systems science into scalable solutions for healthy people and planet. For over 45-years, our data, evidence and insights have shaped practices, policies and investments to end hunger and advance sustainable development in low- and middle-income countries.

If you’re passionate about achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and want to join a team of exceptional researchers and professionals working to transform the lives of millions in developing countries, then WorldFish might be the right fit for you.

As part of One CGIAR, we are committed to fair, safe and inclusive workplaces. Our diversity powers our innovation. It is critical for our mission. We are driven by our LEAD values (Learning, Excellence, Accountability and Diversity) and strive to be a thriving and inclusive community of diverse people committed to learning and innovation, and with passion for making a difference in the world.

We believe in multiple perspectives coming together to generate new ideas and develop new ways of doing things. This collective intelligence sets us apart in being able to address the complex problems we seek to solve with an ability to understand the trade-offs, and in doing so make better decisions.

People in WorldFish are treated equally irrespective of gender, ethnicity/race, national or social origin, disability, religion, political affiliation, age, family size, marital status or any other form of personal identity.

Our Values

Our values empower our team to achieve professional goals while contributing to our vision and mission. Together we lead change.

Our scientific work and impact in the world gains when we bring together a diversity of backgrounds, skills, disciplines, talents and partnerships. Collaboratively, WorldFish staff and their diverse expertise and experience inform the way we work and shape our organizational culture and workplace. WorldFish is guided by our LEAD values:

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We are relentlessly curious and seek to learn from challenges and from others. We embrace discovery, adaptation and growth. We rely on data and evidence to deepen our understanding, to make the best decisions and to drive bold innovation.

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Science at WorldFish is of the highest quality and professional standard, and is the foundation for all we do. We actively partner with others who share our passion for excellence and impact.

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We take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible. We honor our commitments to partners and to each other. We measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility, and we are open and transparent in communicating our results. 

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We recognize that it takes people with different ideas, talents, disciplines and backgrounds to make our work stand out. We encourage differing perspectives, healthy debate and an inclusive environment for all at every level, to create solutions to complex problems.