WorldFish provides open-source data platforms to the research and development communities in support of our mission to end hunger and advance sustainable development by 2030.


Coral Triangle Atlas

Coral Triangle Atlas is an online GIS database containing regional, spatial data on the Coral Triangle that allows for more informed management planning and decision-making. It brings together previously dispersed data on fisheries, biodiversity, natural resources and socioeconomics that have been collected for decades by scientists and managers working throughout the Coral Triangle. The database enables better management and conservation planning by giving researchers and managers access to spatial information while encouraging them to share their data to complete the gaps – providing the most complete and current data available.


FishBase is the premier biodiversity information website for all fishes of the world. A global species database covering more than 32,000 species, FishBase includes a wide range of information on all fish species currently known including their biology, ecology, taxonomy, life history, trophic features, population dynamics and uses, as well as historical information dating back 250 years. FishBase also includes analytical and graphical tools that allow users to transform raw data into information that can be used to assess fisheries and identify management techniques to restore depleted fish stocks.


ReefBase is an online collection of all available data and information about coral reefs across more than 120 countries and territories. It features an award-winning GIS database that allows coral reef related data and information to be displayed on interactive maps. It is intended to facilitate analyses and monitoring of coral reef health and the quality of life of reef-dependent people, and to support informed decisions about coral reef use and management. ReefBase is the official database of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), as well as the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN).

WorldFish Dataverse

WorldFish Dataverse serves as an institutional data repository, where most of the research data from different projects in WorldFish are archived and preserved. It is an open-source web application with the main aim to preserve research data. This platform enables data authors to receive appropriate credit through data citation from the persistent identifier (e.g. Handle or DOI). Three main themes of the dataset collection are value chains and nutrition, resilient small-scale fisheries and sustainable aquaculture. Users may download raw data, questionnaires, data collection tools and codebook of their research interest. The first dataset was published in January 2016 and to date, there are more than 200 datasets archived. This repository is hosted by Harvard Dataverse Repository, and we hope this will make accessing our material easier.

WorldFish DSpace

This repository is built on the DSpace platform, and we hope this will make accessing our material easier.

WorldFish research is regarded as international public goods, and we are committed to the widespread dissemination of all our information products. One of the organizational objectives of WorldFish is to make all of its products open. This is in line with both the Center’s Research Data Management and Open Access Policy and the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy. Opening our research, including publications, data and tools, ensures that more people can read and apply our research findings, thereby increasing the efficiency, reach and impact of our work.