Dato’ Adnan bin Hussain has been appointed as the Director General of Fisheries Malaysia on March 10, 2023. He is responsible to oversee the policies and development of capture fisheries in the Malaysian fisheries waters, aquaculture, research, fisheries biosecurity, resource management, monitoring and surveillance, data management, capacity building and fisheries extension. 

Prior to his new portfolio, he was the Senior Director of Conservation and Fisheries Protection Division for one (1) month tenure. Previously, he was the Senior Director of Fisheries Biosecurity Division. He was responsible in the fish health management in fish and fishery products for domestic and export purposes.  
He graduated in the Bachelor of Fisheries Science from the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia and started his career in the Department of Fisheries Malaysia on May 16, 1995.  Throughout his 28 years of service in the Department, he has vast experiences in the fisheries biosecurity, resource management, fisheries extension and aquaculture.