Scientist & Impact Area Lead

Michelle Tigchelaar is a climate scientist with more than a decade of experience in interdisciplinary research for impact, spanning the aquatic and terrestrial and the ecological and human. Michelle conducts research on the impacts of climate change on the sustainable development outcomes of food systems. As a Scientist and Impact Area Lead in Climate and Environmental Sustainability, she is particularly interested in avenues for integrating aquatic foods in (national) climate and biodiversity strategies, scaling climate adaptation solutions, and developing tools for assessing blue-green climate risk to food system benefits. Before joining WorldFish, Michelle was a Research Scientist with the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University, where she played a lead role in research, communications, and policy engagement for the Blue Food Assessment, an integrative assessment of the role of aquatic foods in transformations towards healthy, sustainable, just, and resilient food systems. She currently advises the Aquatic Blue Food Coalition, a multistakeholder initiative that emerged from the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit. Michelle holds a MSc in Climate Dynamics from Utrecht University, and a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Hawaii.