Nhuong Tran

Research Lead, Senior Scientist

Nhuong Tran is a Senior Scientist (Applied Economist) in the Sustainable Aquatic Food Systems Unit at WorldFish. He is WorldFish’s Representative and Vietnam Country Lead for the CGIAR Research Initiative on Low-Emission Food Systems (Mitigate+), and a contributing member of the CGIAR Research Initiatives on Foresight and Agroecology for Food, Land, and Water Systems Transformation. During his time at WorldFish, Nhuong has led research projects in foresight modelling, value chain assessment, fish supply-demand analysis, climate change impact, adaptation and mitigation in fisheries and aquaculture sectors, while working with multiple partners and collaborators from developed and developing countries in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. He was WorldFish’s Focal Point for Global Futures and Strategic Foresight project and Fish Foresight Modeling in the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) led by IFPRI (2013-2017), Leader of Aquaculture Systems Cluster of the CGIAR Research Program on Fish-Agri-food System (2017-2018), and Project Leader of Scaling Systems and Partnerships for Accelerating the Adoption of Improved Tilapia Strains by Small-Scale Fish Farmers (SPAITS) (2019-2021) led by WorldFish. 

Nhuong joined WorldFish in 2011 as a postdoctoral fellow. Early in his career, Nhuong worked in Vietnam for the Government Research Institute for Aquaculture No.1 (RIA1) and the United Nations Development Program. He was the National Project Manager of a UNDP-funded project VIE/97/030 on Environmental Management in Coastal Aquaculture (2000-2003) and served as a national coordinator for an EU-funded project on Policy Research for Sustainable Shrimp Farming in Asia (PORESSFA) led by University of Portsmouth and The University De Bretagne Occidentale (2002-2005).  

Nhuong holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics with a Statistic Minor, a MSc degree in Rural Sociology and a MSc degree in Economics from Auburn University (the United States); a MS degree in management of natural resources and sustainable agriculture from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway); and an Aquaculture Engineering degree from Nha Trang University (Vietnam). He was awarded the Ford Foundation International Fellowships (2006-2009), Borlaug LEAP Fellowship (2000-2010) and Norad scholarship (1998-2000) for his graduate studies in Norway and the United States.