Professor Ian Cowx awarded the prestigious International Fisheries Science Prize

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Professor Ian Cowx, director of the Institute of International Fisheries at Hull University, UK, is to be awarded the prestigious International Fisheries Science Prize (2012) in recognition of his contributions to fisheries science of conservation. Prof. Cowx will be presented with the award at the World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Fisheries Science Prize was instituted in 2008 with awards being granted once every 4 year at the World Fisheries Congress. This award is supported by the Carl R. Sullivan Endowment Fund and administered by the International Fisheries Section of the American Fisheries Society and the World Council of Fisheries Societies.

Prof. Cowx has had an outstanding career of diversified research and been instrumental in promoting the global conservation of fisheries resources. He has led over 96 research and consultancy projects in Europe, Africa and Asia with numerous studies in conjunction with the European Union and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Prof.Cowx has trained over 30 doctoral and more than 300 MSc students from more than 80 countries. He authored 14 well-cited books, 43 chapters in edited books, 200+ technical reports, and over 180 peer-reviewed journal publications. He is editor of the outstanding journal, Fisheries Management and Ecology. Prof. Cowx also demonstrates a strong conservation ethic and promotes the importance of conserving global freshwater fish communities and fisheries with his involvement in fisheries conservation in multiple projects.

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