WorldFish provides 14,000 GIFT fry to the Jitra Aquaculture Extension Center

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WorldFish provides 14,000 GIFT fry to the Jitra Aquaculture Extension Center

Date: 14 Dec 2023 

Location: Penang, Malaysia 

In a landmark development for sustainable aquaculture practices in Malaysia, WorldFish has successfully provided 14,000 18th generation Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT) fry to the Jitra Aquaculture Extension Center. This significant contribution, stemming from WorldFish's state-of-the-art Aquaculture Research Center, is a part of our collaborative efforts with the Department of Fisheries in Malaysia who will disseminate the fry to hatcheries around the country. 

This initiative is not just about the transfer of high-quality GIFT fry. It represents our commitment to sustainable aquaculture, innovation, and our ongoing collaboration with the Malaysian Department of Fisheries,” said WorldFish Director General, Dr. Essam Yassin Mohammed.  

The delivery of the GIFT fry underscores WorldFish’s focus on enhancing seed production and dissemination, setting new standards in fish farming practices that are both sustainable and productive. WorldFish GIFT play a crucial role in advancing sustainable fish farming, ensuring food security, and supporting economic growth. 

WorldFish GIFT which are a climate-smart innovation, providing affordable nutritious food and increasing incomes, while also helping to reduce carbon footprint of food systems and enhancing resilience to climate shifts.  

Photographs of the event are available here 

David, Wardell

Strategic Communications Specialist