Sustainable fisheries can play a key role in the future of nutrition security and food sovereignty in Timor-Leste. Road development means that the south coast is opening up to new opportunities for trade and industry development. Resource management built around local knowledge, research and broad participation will be the key to a sustainable future for south coast resources. Ikan Ba Futuru will follow a holistic approach to integrate community and institutional development, science for ecosystem-based fisheries management, and traditional knowledge through community partnerships, ensuring sustainable utilisation of key fishery resources and ecosystems within the region.
The long-term goal is to support equitable and sustainable development and management of key fishery resources in Timor-Leste, focussing on south coast fisheries, communities and habitats. This goal will be achieved by strengthening the institutional and policy landscape for managing and utilizing marine ecosystems and resources and by using local and scientific ecosystem knowledge to build sustainable management systems. Strengthening the collaborative, locally embedded partnerships between key stakeholders will be central to improved management outcomes.



2 Zero Hunger SDG
5 Gender Equality SDG
14 Life Below Water SDG