The focus of this project is on promoting cage culture in West Africa through Sino-Afro exchange of knowledge and public-private partnership and is funded by IFAD-SSTC


i. Empower rural communities through sustainable cage culture ii. Enhanced employment, incomes and nutritional status of rural households through productive and sustainable cage farming in water bodies iii. Establish linkages and partnerships for improved rural entrepreneurship and livelihoods


Ghana and Nigeria are two prominent West African countries that depend on fisheries as major sources of animal protein. Both countries have numerous water-bodies, which have the potential for increasing aquaculture production through cage aquaculture, thereby reducing dependence on capture fisheries and the need to supplement the domestic fish catch with imported fish. Cage aquaculture will make it possible for rural farmers to grow fish without owning land, and enable them to do so in water-bodies where draining and seining would be impossible.

Internvention Strategies

Partnership with local private sector entities Demonstration of cage culture Capacity building through training, exchange visits and awareness creation Sino-Afro transfer of skills and knowledge