Fish friendly irrigation: Enhancing production, livelihoods and health

Each year, 12 Mt of aquatic foods caught in inland fisheries provide the primary source of animal protein and essential micronutrients for at least 200 million people worldwide. They are vital for livelihoods, human health and wellbeing. Despite their importance, inland fisheries are invariably overlooked in water planning, including most irrigation development. By destroying habitat and blocking fish movement, irrigation often has negative impacts on inland fisheries. During Stockholm World Water Week, WorldFish in collaboration with the International Water Management Institute gathered experts in food and nutrition security, water development and irrigation management in a panel to share insights on why fish-friendly irrigation is critical in food systems transformation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The panel focused on current investments into water management and irrigation development, diving into the importance of delivering acceptable returns in integrated systems to improve food security, enhance nutrition and minimize environmental impacts in both Asia and Africa.
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