Harvesting and post-harvest handling of tilapia from cage

Harvesting involves the total removal of fish from the cage at the end of the culture period. Harvesting in cages is less stressful compared to other culture systems. This involves removing the net from the cage to harvest the fish. Freshly harvested fish must be gutted (have the internal organs removed) and washed thoroughly to minimize spoilage and maintain freshness. Always ensure there is an adequate amount of ice for harvested fish. A ratio of about 1 kg of ice for every kilogram of gutted fish is advisable. Follow proper post-harvest procedures is necessary, as fish begin to deteriorate immediately after being harvested from the water. The post-harvest process involves placing the fish in very cold water directly after harvest to cool the surface of the body. This will prevent deterioration and maintain freshness longer after harvesting, allowing the fish to be transported freshly to the market without adding ice, which will increase their shelf life for sale.
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