Rapid assessment of fish seed and feed in Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions for the Project ‘Aquaculture: increasing income, diversifying diets, and empowering women in Bangladesh and Nigeria’

This rapid assessment was conducted to identify the feed and seed input supply for fish aquaculture in Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions. This document presents the findings of the assessment. The assessment used several approaches to collect data in Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions, including a literature review, key informant interviews (KIIs), in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus group discussions (FGDs)—all of which fed back into each other when compiling the data. Field observations were also used in selected areas of the two divisions. This report gives an idea of the study team’s observations from the field and not the entire production and marketing system of hatcheries, nurseries and feed mills operating in Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions.
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