WorldFish Annual Report 2022


WorldFish. 2023. WorldFish 2022 Annual Report. Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish. Annual Report: 2023-30.

The 2022 WorldFish Annual Report, titled “Harnessing Aquatic Food Systems for Sustainable Development” showcases seven stories of change, evidencing that shared prosperity can be attained for millions through sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The report also gives a glimpse into digital innovations that are enabling data-driven policies and practices and bridging data gaps to tackle systemic barriers—interventions that will be transformative in enabling equal access for low-income and marginalized groups and small-scale actors in the value chains. Country-responsive solutions pivotal to driving sustainable and scalable impact were co-developed in collaboration with a wide range of partners. Dive into the gradual but steady transformation of food, land, and water systems with aquatic foods at their core through stories of fishers, farmers, and coastal communities curated in this report.