WorldFish Annual Report 2023


WorldFish. 2024. WorldFish 2023 Annual Report. Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish. Annual Report: 2024-27.
Majumdar, R., Benzie, J., Delamare-Deboutteville, J., Yossa, R., Khor, L., Verner-Jeffreys, D., Chadag, V., Mills, D.J., Smallhorn-West, P., Eriksson, H., Tigchelaar, M., Allison, E., Hossain, P.R., Tilley, A., Rossignoli, C., Adam, R., Gichohi, W., Siamudaala, V., Komugisha, B., Mudege, N., Siriwardena, S.N., Mohammed, E., Chan, C., Tran, N., Fleming, A.

In the WorldFish 2023 Annual Report, titled "Aquatic Food Systems: The Next Frontier," WorldFish scientists share their contributions to scientific advances and pioneering research that are reshaping our vision for sustainable food systems.

Our work in 2023 highlights a range of transformative projects, from breakthroughs in aquatic animal biosciences to the development of sustainable systems that can bring about systemic changes at scale.

We've co-developed these solutions through close collaborations with our local, national, and international partners, supported by our donors. This collaborative spirit underpins our journey toward leveraging the unique potential of aquatic food systems to combat hunger and poverty, eliminate pervasive malnutrition, and restore biodiversity.

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