As part of One CGIAR, we are committed to ending hunger by 2030.

WorldFish occupies a special position within One CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural innovation partnership. Our long history of studying aquatic foods in low- and middle-income countries gives us unique insight among CGIAR Research Centers, significantly contributing to One CGIAR’s Research Portfolio by integrating fish and other aquatic foods into the global agricultural research agenda.

Each of the WorldFish strategic Priority Actions gives us the opportunity to partner with other One CGIAR Research Centers and to benefit from their strengths. Our work contributes to the majority of the Sustainable Development Goals and feeds into all impact areas of One CGIAR:

  1. Nutrition and food security
  2. Poverty reduction, jobs and livelihoods
  3. Gender equality, youth and social inclusion
  4. Climate adaptation and greenhouse gas reduction
  5. Environmental health and biodiversity


WorldFish has been an active partner in several CGIAR Research Programs and is the lead Center for the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH).


FISH improves the sustainability, productivity and resilience of aquatic food systems by gathering evidence on two interlinked topics: sustainable aquaculture and small-scale fisheries.

WorldFish leads FISH, in collaboration with the International Water Management Institute; James Cook University, Australia; Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands; and the University of Greenwich, UK.

FISH carries out research throughout aquatic food systems to enable those most in need to access affordable aquatic foods as part of a sustainable, nutritious diet.