Event: World Cafe: Scaling innovations to transform aquatic food systems in Africa

Date: 20 February 2024

Time: 15:45-17:15 (GMT+2)

Location: The Avenue Conference and Events Centre, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

More information: https://ocean-innovation.africa/speakers/and-worldfish/



WorldFish has piloted innovations in countries in Asia and Africa that appear promising to transform the aquatic food systems in the countries of the project. To achieve impact at scale, we are implementing the Asia-Africa BlueTech Superhighway project (AABS), funded by the UK Government under its Climate and Ocean Adaptation and Sustainable Transition (COAST) program of the Blue Planet Fund. The project aims to achieve an increased use of innovations beyond the group involved in its initial design and testing. This is a process identified as the scaling of innovations.

In this framework, WorldFish and its partners have an interest, both academic and professional, in discussing current experiences of scaling innovations in the area of aquatic food systems. On Tuesday, 20 February 2024, in the afternoon (GMT+2)at the 5th Ocean Innovation Africa Summit in Cape Town, South Africa, WorldFish is hosting a World Cafe on 'Scaling innovations to transform aquatic food systems in Africa.' 

This self-governing workshop will start with a presentation on the four innovation case studies, followed by an open space for stakeholders and participants to discuss insights, experiences, opportunities, challenges, ideation, and shared knowledge of scaling innovations for aquatic food systems. The lessons and recommendations gathered will shape future project proposals accompanied by grant offers as part of this well-resourced 7-year project. 



Welcome and Introduction to the Asia-Africa BlueTech Superhighway project (AABS)

- Alexander Tilley, Senior Scientist, Small-Scale Fisheries, WorldFish & Leader, Work Package 1, Asia-Africa BlueTech Superhighway

(Work Package 1) Open-source digital information systems for sustainable small-scale fisheries

(Work Package 2) Adapting the principles of integrated mariculture/integrated multitrophic aquaculture to local context in Africa and Asia

(Work Package 3) Pro-poor, simple, cost-effective climate-smart food processing and storage technologies to reduce food loss and waste

(Work Package 4) Incentive-based marine and coastal ecosystem protection and management


World Cafe Knowledge Exchange Workshop 'Scaling innovations to transform aquatic food systems in Africa'

- All participants


Lessons and Recommendations

- All participants


We look forward to your active participation.

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