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Shakuntala Thilsted receives award from Sylhet Agricultural University

Posted by Mohammad Shohorab Hossain - 3 minutes read

aquatic foods, Nutrition, Food security, Livelihoods

Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia: Benefiting aquatic food producers in the past, present and future

Posted by Trịnh Quốc Trọng , John Benzie - 5 minutes read

Tilapia, Aquaculture, Genetic improvement, Sustainability

Aquatic foods’ seat at the table

Posted by John Bakum - 5 minutes read

aquatic foods, Nutrition, climate, Sustainability

Strengthening the voices of small-scale fishers for change

Posted by Sarah Erickson , Alexander Tilley - 3 minutes read

Resilient Small-scale fisheries, Artisanal fisheries, aquatic foods, Community management

International Youth Day: Solidarity with young aquatic actors

Posted by WorldFish - 2 minutes read

Youth, aquatic food systems, Employment, Education

WorldFish’s Florine Lim bags inaugural CGIAR Inclusive Leader award

Posted by WorldFish - 3 minutes read

Leadership, Inclusion, Gender, Research

Leveraging the expertise of institutions in East Malaysia for a sustainable aquatic food system

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 3 minutes read

Partnerships, aquatic food systems, Sustainability, Research

‘I eat tilapia every day’: Farmers in Timor-Leste achieve higher aquaculture production

Posted by Kate Melinda Bevitt - 5 minutes read

Aquaculture, Tilapia, Partnerships, Nutrition

Public-private-partnership tilapia hatcheries grow from two to four, increasing access to fingerlings in Timor-Leste

Posted by Kate Melinda Bevitt - 4 minutes read

Aquaculture, Tilapia, Partnerships, Nutrition

Timor-Leste Prime Minister advocates for aquaculture development at tilapia harvesting ceremony

Posted by Kate Melinda Bevitt - 6 minutes read

Aquaculture, GIFT

Penang Chief Minister applauds WorldFish on successful IIFET 2024 bid

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 3 minutes read

blue economy, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Trade

WorldFish renews Memorandums of Understanding with top research universities in Malaysia

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 4 minutes read


Tilapia as the best bet species for aquaculture commercialization in India

Posted by John Benzie , Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag - 4 minutes read

Aquaculture, Nutrition

‘Growing opportunities’: New WorldFish and university partnership in Timor-Leste enables first marine science students to graduate

Posted by Kate Melinda Bevitt - 5 minutes read

Small-scale fisheries, marine fisheries, Coastal fisheries, co-management

Mola fish steadily gaining global popularity for nutritional values

Posted by - 1 minute read

aquatic foods, Small fish, mola, Nutrition

Emerging Youth: Nan Win Htwe

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 4 minutes read

Youth, Small-scale aquaculture, Entrepreneurship

Emerging Youth: Saifuddin Rana

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 4 minutes read

Youth, fish value chains

Opportunities abound for investors in Africa's low-value species market, says WorldFish

Posted by WorldFish - 1 minute read

Aquaculture, Tilapia, Climate change, Resilience

WorldFish mourns the passing of Professor Dr. Ayman Anwar Ammar

Posted by WorldFish - 4 minutes read

Partnerships, Collaboration, Knowledge, Resilience

Maintaining the harmony between rivers and forests to safeguard food and nutrition security in Zambia

Posted by Agness Chileya - 4 minutes read

Sustainability, Ecosystems, Rivers

Leveraging on multi-utility waterbodies to sustainably produce aquatic foods in India

Posted by Neetha Shenoy , Sourabh Kumar Dubey - 5 minutes read

Sustainability, Resource management, Women's empowerment, Livelihoods