CFR Patrolling Guideline


Phichong Ou, Vichet Sean, Vathanak Sun. (12/1/2024). CFR Patrolling Guideline. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: SAFR-CFR.    

The development of Fish Patrolling Guideline: several workshops organized to develop fish patrolling guideline. To ease in facilitation, a structure of questions was prepared for the three focus group discussions (FGD). A lot of practical information were provided but the project staff will report few discussions which were controversial and need to discuss and clarify further. A part from patrolling in prohibition area (CFR pond and buffer zone) the workshop participants suggested the patrol team expanding their patrols to associated CFR waterways and rice fields; CFR bylaw should be applied in illegal fishing equipment and activities. However, with the regards to distance of waterways and rice fields, it is controversial as the rice field is open access and owned by the farmers. As for the fishing gear, it is not clear to distinguish between traditional and semi-tradition fishing equipment.    

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