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Taking the climate fight to the oceans and aquatic foods

Posted by WorldFish - 6 minutes read

climate, aquatic foods, ocean

Breathing new life into FishBase and SeaLifeBase

Posted by Neil Palmer - 5 minutes read

Research, Data, aquatic foods, Technology

Improving aquaculture with genomics resources for breeders

Posted by WorldFish - 1 minute read

Aquaculture, Genetics, genomics, Resilience

Addressing gender inequalities through forum theater

Posted by S. M. Faridul Haque , Afrina Choudhury - 7 minutes read

Gender, Gender-transformative approaches, Aquaculture, Women's empowerment

El-Quseir discussed with CGIAR representatives ways to benefit from international alliances

Posted by WorldFish - 2 minutes read

Agricultural research, climate

Rear fish in a rice paddy? Old ways can future-proof food production

Posted by WorldFish - 3 minutes read

Aquatic Agricultural Systems, Research, innovation, Resilience

WorldFish scientist named among top researchers for third year running

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 2 minutes read


Crown-of-thorns seastar named after WorldFish scientist

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 2 minutes read

Research, Genetics, Coral reefs

Nigerian Aquaculture: Status, Prospects, and Future Growth Workshop

Posted by WorldFish - 2 minutes read

Aquaculture, Employment, Poverty reduction, Nutrition

Unlocking opportunities for climate action toward net zero requires a blue transition

Posted by Peerzadi Rumana Hossain - 7 minutes read

Climate Action, Policies, climate, Inclusion

Tilapia aquaculture: Potential for India in meeting food, nutritional and livelihood security

Posted by Modadugu Vijay Gupta - 7 minutes read

Research, innovation, aquatic foods, Food security

COP27 can help the world achieve blue prosperity

Posted by WorldFish - 5 minutes read

Climate Action, Climate change adaptation, Climate change mitigation

Nutrition-sensitive agri-food systems for resilient and sustainable Asian mega-deltas

Posted by Ben Wismen - 5 minutes read

Nutrition-sensitive, Deltas, Agri-food systems, Partnerships

Cracking the code of mola mass production boosts nutrition-sensitive aquaculture in India

Posted by Francois Rajts, Sourabh Kumar Dubey - 5 minutes read

Nutrition, Polyculture (aquaculture), Small fish

La revolution des algues: A seaweed revolution for a new future in sustainable food systems

Posted by Ben Wismen - 7 minutes read

Seaweed, Nutrition, Sustainability, Climate change

Tackling malnutrition in children through the inclusion of dried small fish powder in their diets

Posted by Amar Gaikwad, Arun Padiyar Panemangalore , Baishnaba Charan Ratha - 3 minutes read

Nutrition, School feeding

Eradicating poverty by nurturing the youth in aquaculture technologies

Posted by Bernadette Tosan Fregene , Agness Chileya - 4 minutes read

Youth employment, Aquaculture, Poverty reduction

Shakuntala Thilsted receives award from Sylhet Agricultural University

Posted by Mohammad Shohorab Hossain - 3 minutes read

aquatic foods, Nutrition, Food security, Livelihoods

Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia: Benefiting aquatic food producers in the past, present and future

Posted by Trịnh Quốc Trọng , John Benzie - 5 minutes read

Tilapia, Aquaculture, Genetic improvement, Sustainability

Aquatic foods’ seat at the table

Posted by John Bakum - 5 minutes read

aquatic foods, Nutrition, climate, Sustainability

Strengthening the voices of small-scale fishers for change

Posted by Sarah Erickson , Alexander Tilley - 3 minutes read

Resilient Small-scale fisheries, Artisanal fisheries, aquatic foods, Community management