Two innovative WorldFish-led projects are to receive a total of USD$225,000 from the CGIAR Platform on Big Data in Agriculture. One, led by Dr. Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville, will receive an Inspire Challenge award worth USD$100,000 to test a new concept for … Read the rest
Yumiko Kura, WorldFish Country Director for Cambodia, has been awarded the Commander of Sahametrei medal, conferred by the Prime Minister of Cambodia, for her outstanding contribution to the country’s fisheries sector. The medal recognizes those who have provided distinguished services … Read the rest
An interview with Eddie Allison, WorldFish Honorary Fellow Research published recently in Nature showed that, in many developing countries, local fish species are rich in the same micronutrients that are missing from local diets. We spoke with WorldFish Honorary Fellow … Read the rest
Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing food production sectors in the world and will be essential to meeting the 40% increase in demand for food fish expected by 2030, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. … Read the rest
Over 100 public and private sector representatives came together recently in Timor-Leste, marking another step toward realizing the potential of fish farming in the country.
Bertha Kporvi (interviewee) at Sekondi market selling smoked fish in Sekondi, Ghana. Quarante représentants des organisations régionales et de la pêche artisanale de l'Afrique ont demandé le renforcement des organisations existantes de la pêche artisanale et à la création d'une nouvelle plate-forme panafricaine.
Bertha Kporvi (interviewee) at Sekondi market selling smoked fish in Sekondi, Ghana.Forty representatives of fisheries and regional organizations from across Africa have called for the strengthening of existing small-scale fisheries bodies and the creation of a new pan-African platform.
Water control infrastructure in Myanmar. These sluices are used to stop saltwater intruding up the river and into the irrigation areas, and store water upstream in the dry season.In Myanmar, rice is seen as the main staple food and irrigation infrastructure has expanded to boost its production.
Small motor boats anchored off Uaroana, Atauro Island, Timor-Leste.New research from Timor-Leste has found that nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs) can significantly increase catch rates by small-scale fishers, and could provide a cost-effective way to boost food and nutrition security in the country.
A WorldFish honorary fellow has called for scientists and policymakers from around the world to listen and respect each other’s values more to better serve the fisher people of the world.


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